I have always been an artist; drawing, sketching, painting, writing...you name it, I tried it. Self-taught (unless you count high school art classes - haha!), I will try (and possibly fail) anything new that catches my fancy.

Ever since I was a small child, I looked for ways to express myself and be creative. I was afraid of putting my work out there - aren't we all our own worst critics? - but something changed in 2013. I realized that my need to share myself and my spirit with others outweighed the minor fear that someone might dislike my work. Life is too short to keep your gifts to yourself, and it brings me such joy to make something new. The fact that others love what I do is an amazing gift!

I stumbled upon Etsy and knew instantly that this is a perfect forum to share my work with others and try new things. This site is filled with likeminded, super talented creators and it is an honor to present my work alongside theirs!

So here I am! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my bio!

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